Email Copywriting Masterclass Tonight

Email Copywriting

I wanted to let you know about the a free Email Copywriting Masterclass I’m giving with Conrad Deas, one of the most creative, engaging and prolific writers I know.

Conrad and I will be on Facebook Live TONIGHT (June 22) at 8:00pm Eastern, barring any unforeseen technical difficulties.

We’ll be coming to you live from the Hilton Chicago Indian Lakes Resort, where Conrad is speaking at Hal Elrod’s Miracle Morning Mastery event.

You must request access to the Email Copywriting Corner FB group in order to see it live and participate.

During the broadcast, we will reveal:

  – specific ways to generate tons of great ideas

  – 5 proven psychological principles guaranteed to get and keep your readers attention 

  – painful mistakes many people make that suck the life out of their emails and sabotage their customer relationships

  – battle-tested formulas we use to construct compelling emails more easily than you may think possible, and

  – our best tips for getting readers to take action after reading your emails.

We’re going to try to answer viewer questions, too. But you have to be live during the broadcast!

Again, request to join the Email Copywriting Corner on Facebook to get access.

Whether you’re a copywriter an entrepreneur who wants to connect better with your customers (and sell more stuff, without being pushy, greasy or sleazy), you’re not going to want to miss this.

Hope to see you tonight!

**Update** If you know you should be sending more emails to your list, but you have trouble finding ideas to write about, Emails That Make Sales may be just what you’re looking for. You’ll get enough ideas to write an email every day of the month (if you’d like), along with multiple ways to approach each idea. You’ll also receive exclusive training to write better emails faster.

**Update #2 [5/10/17]** We’ve just made the recording of most of this masterclass available to the public. Enjoy!



Free Resource for Bonehead Husbands (like me)

Got a question for you:

Are you the man and husband you decided to be? Or did you get to this point in mostly on autopilot?

Seems like a strange question, but I have a good reason for asking you.

A buddy of mine is offering pre-release copies of his book, Husband on Purpose: Your 30 Day Action Plan to Become a Better Man and Build a Better Marriage, for free until the end of the month. If you aren’t the best husband you can be — but you’d like to be — I think you’ll want to get your hands on this book.

Husband on Purpose

I got to read an early version of the manuscript and I’ve gotta tell you: the message is phenomenal.  I don’t want to sound hypey, but I believe it could revolutionize a lot of marriages. It’s really helped me  get my head on straight — and I thought I was doing pretty well!

“Most of us get married on purpose…then we end up being a husband by accident.”

Conrad Deas (the author) is one of the most intelligent and passionate guys I know. In this book, he lays out specific action steps to help men, including the boneheaded among us, find out what their wives want and give it to them EXACTLY the way they want it.

Impossible? Conrad shares a simple way to cheat your way to success. (Actually, this IS impossible if you don’t cheat.)

I’d like to tell you the path to becoming a Husband on Purpose is easy. That would be dishonest. The road gets tough sometimes…but it’s not as tough as having a crappy marriage.

If you’re interested, you can get a free PDF copy at You will have to opt in with your email address, though.

Husband on Purpose has earned my highest recommendation.

P.S. If you know of any men who could use some advice on reading their wives minds, would you mind passing the link along to them? Don’t forget: the FREE pre-release copy will only be available until August 31st, 2015.

Progress doesn’t happen accidentally. Don’t settle for being less than a purposefully-growing husband.