Irresistible Offers Teleseminar

For those of you who missed my live Creating Irresistible Offers workshop in Chicago in June, I’m teaching this material again on Monday August 11th at 8:00 Eastern.

Here’s some of what you’ll learn in this hour-long session.

  • a method proven to “transform insignificant objects into significant ones,” so much so that people happily pay over 130 TIMES their original value. Your “significant” products and services can skyrocket in perceived value in exactly the same way
  • why the truth isn’t good enough and how you can fix that — without the slightest bit of deception
  • what kind of marketing messages are magnetically repulsive to would-be customers
  • how one sentence changed the entire TV home shopping industry, breaking sales records left and right — and how you come up with a similar sentence to revolutionize your customers’ perception of your business
  • 3 biological reasons the human mind rejects most perceived attempts at persuasion and
  • how to flip the mind’s resistance using its own force.

There will also be a detailed PDF reference sheet and I’ll be available for a live Q&A on the following Monday (August 18th) as a follow-up — after you’ve had time to try some of the concepts out.

It’ll cost you $58 — but if you don’t feel that this information is worth 99 times more than what you paid, feel free to ask for your money back.

If you don’t learn something brand new, just get in touch with me and ask for a full refund. I’ll send handle that right away.

There will also be a recording, technology permitting.

This Event is Closed.


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