Stealth Selling

Sell More By Seeming Not to Sell At All

Never Be Seen as “Just Another Salesperson” Again

It’s one of the paradoxes of persuasion: The less you appear to sell, the more sales you get.

People love to buy, but they hate to be sold.” That’s the challenge: how do you sell and market in a way that doesn’t give your customers the dreaded feeling of being sold?

By appearing to sell less, or even seeming not to sell at all, you stop being seen as just a salesperson peddling his wares. You become more of an open door leading to something your customers desperately want.

Stealth Selling: Non-Pushy Persuasion for Professionals will give you insight into how conversion happens at a fundamental, psychological level. Understanding the obstacles that keep prospects from buying from you gives you a distinct advantage in the marketplace. More importantly, learning how to overcome their natural resistance without becoming obnoxious can transform the selling experience, both for you and your customers.

You don’t need to be a fast-talker or hard-seller…
You never have to resort to hype or deception…
You don’t have to feel like you’re begging for the sale or pushing to close a deal.

This information is crucial for anyone who doesn’t want to look like another self-serving salesperson searching for someone to manipulate.

If you feel uneasy using traditional selling methods or closing techniques, if it’s difficult to promote yourself because of the industry you’re in or if you’re just plain introverted, Stealth Selling will provide some much-needed assistance.

This ebook can help if:

  • your product should sell itself, but it doesn’t
  • potential customers push away to often or lose interest too quickly
  • you’re having trouble establishing the credibility you need to be taken seriously
  • the way your competitors sell make your entire industry look sleazy
  • you keep hearing the same objections, but no matter what you say, you can’t overcome them, or
  • your sales and marketing messages don’t resonate strongly with your audience.

These concepts work for coaches and contractors, graphic designers and telemarketers, and everything in between.

Stealth Selling isn’t based on gimmicks, tricks or fads; it’s about understanding what really happens in the brain when prospects convert into customers.

But that doesn’t mean the book is full of psycho-babble and untested theory. On the contrary, I share a hefty portion of the process I use when I’ve written copy for big-name clients like Early to Rise and Experian (yes, that Experian). This stuff works in the real world.

Here are a few testimonials:
“If you can’t stand selling but still need to do it and are tired of pushing when it just isn’t you, then Stealth Selling is the answer you’ve been waiting for.” ~ Danny Iny, Firepole Marketing

“Stealth Selling should be read by anyone who thinks selling has to involve icky manipulation or a battle of wills. In fact, it should be read by anyone who ever does any kind of selling, regardless of how experienced they are… I personally found your insights on page 8 — about how someone making the right offer to the right person is not a salesman at all, but a life-saver — to be a welcome refresher at a time when I was starting to lose the forest for the trees…it’s really easy to read, and the average person could breeze through it in about half an hour.” ~ Bnonn Tennant,

“Selling without appearing to is where it’s at in copywriting and marketing today. ‘Stealth Selling’ covers all the main points…from psychological concepts to the biggie nowadays, storytelling. Any A-list copywriting or marketing hopeful who wants a leg up should add this short but invaluable e-book to their library today.” ~ Dale L. Sims, Freelance Copywriter



               Stealth Selling
Non-Pushy Persuasion for Professionals

“What You Need, Guaranteed” 60 Day Promise: If you don’t get the results you’re looking for, I don’t deserve to take money from you.

I’m committed to helping you succeed and I believe the information in this book can change everything for you. That’s why I’m going beyond the standard guarantee that comes with most E-books.

If anything in Stealth Selling is unclear or incomplete, you have full permission reach out to me and ask for clarification, and I have an obligation to fix whatever’s wrong. You have a full 60 days to take advantage of this.

And if you’re less than 100% satisfied with the book, I will be happy to refund every penny you paid.

In this day and age, fewer and fewer people will put up with that uncomfortable feeling of “being sold.” They know they have options — and they won’t hesitate to tell you “no,” click away from your webpage or throw away your sales letter. One of the most important advantages you can have is the ability to persuade and influence under the radar of your audience’s natural defenses. Stealth selling is the closest thing to “selling without selling.” Why? Because if you do it right, you’ll get your customers to sell themselves on your product or service. What could be more powerful than that?

It would be my pleasure to help you get to that point. Let’s get started today.






P.S. Let me share one more testimonial with you.

“Having read Bencivenga’s Bullets and Harry Browne’s book before, I cannot agree more about your writings. Stealth selling looks to be the only sustainable selling approach nowadays.” ~ Alain Marsol,

What has worked in the past is becoming increasingly ineffective. Maybe you’ve noticed that downward trend in your own sales or marketing. Stealth selling will never stop working because it’s based on the core drivers of human psychology, which have been the same since the Garden of Eden. It “looks to be the only sustainable approach” because it addresses the reasons people buy instead of making up theories about how to sell something.

It boils down to this: human nature is either working for you or against you. Which side do your current persuasion techniques fall into?



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