What’s the next step you need to take to grow your business (or at least stop the bleeding)?

If the survival of your business depended on a 20% increase in profits over the next 60 days, would you know what to do?

After having hundreds of conversations with small business owners and solopreneurs, there’s one complaint that I hear over and over again:

Increasing revenues as quickly and consistently as possible is a major priority for most entrepreneurs. Unfortunately, it can be hard to know what actions to take to make that happen.

That’s where I can help.

There are proven marketing strategies and techniques that you can implement to attract a swarm customers and connect with them in a way your competitors only wish they could…

… give your current clients irresistible reasons to come back buy from you more frequently…

… and grow your business without resorting to hype, high-pressure or any of those methods that just feel dirty.

There’s plenty of stuff that doesn’t work. It’s everywhere. You can’t help but be affected by some of it. Most entrepreneurs have to spend some time unlearning the crappy information they’ve taken in. I’ve spent literally thousands of hours studying what works, what doesn’t — and then helping others take the steps that will generate results in their specific situation.

(There’s no “one size fits all” marketing solution. Slam the door on anyone who tells you otherwise.)

Let Me Tell You What I’m Gonna Do for You

Whether you’re a fresh startup or a landmark here in the Chicagoland area, if you’re looking for a way to move your business forward, get in touch with me.

Businesses in our communities are being hit hard. The strip mall closest to my house is two-thirds vacant  because the retailers failed. That’s not uncommon, but in most cases, it is unnecessary.

I’m going to share one marketing idea guaranteed increase your profitability almost instantly with every local business that reaches out to me.

Absolutely free. No strings attached, no pressure. It’s just one of the ways I hope to strengthen our communities.

Let’s talk.